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CIR-LOK was founded in Hamburg. The company is a leading manufacturer of tube fitting and instrument valve.

The company has now grown into a global corporation that designs, develops, and manufactures thousands of high-quality products and services. The technical team has accumulated a wealth of experience in industries like power generation, petrochemical, natural gas and semiconductor Industry. All CIR-LOK products are subject to rigorous quality assurance management processes through all stages of order processing, design, manufacture, testing and certification to ensure that these key customer requirements are met.

At CIR-LOK, we strive for total satisfaction of our customers. Your inquiries will be responded to within 24 hours. Our team features a knowledgeable staff to answer your questions quickly. Fast delivery is key to your success.

 CIR-LOK's aggressive goal is to establish ourselves as an industry leader and expand our market share. This is maintained in every department within the organization. Our total effort will guard against losing the personal touch that makes our business enjoyable and prosperous for all involved.